H. Tracy Hall grew up on a small farm in Utah. He told his 4th grade teacher he wanted to work in the Thomas Edison labs at General Electric when he grew up.

After earning a Phd in Chemistry, Tracy realized his childhood dream and went to work for GE in Schtenectady, NY. He joined project superpressure, a project scientists had been working at for over 200 years, and many thought closer to alchemy than science. On Dec 16th 1954, after many had left for the holiday, Tracy opened the reaction cell to one of his experiments.

“My hands began to tremble, my heart beat rapidly, and my knees weakened and no longer gave support. My eyes had caught the flashing light from dozens of tiny triangular faces of octahedral crystals that were stuck to the tantalum and I knew at that instant that diamonds had finally been made by man.”



Tracy’s story inspired many people, including his grandson, Michael. Michael followed his boyhood passion, automobiles. This led him to Detroit and Stuttgart, making a career as a systems engineer. He developed technology in the field of vehicle dynamics and powertrain control, earning several patents.

In 2013, Michael founded Hall Logic. Our team has designed and engineered products that will change the way you tow. With the support of Hall Labs, we are expanding and developing new technology products. With an extensive list of patents and pending patents covering our innovative products, we continue to lead the industry in the development of towing products.

In 2016, we launched our first two products HaulGauge20 and HaulGauge50.

After the success of HaulGauge 20 and 50, we decided to change our product into an app platform. In 2018, we are the first in the industry to offer a convenient way to deliver not only weight, but tongue weight, payload, pin weight, and weight distribution.


  • A technical expert whose innovations led to industry papers and patents during 10 years at DaimlerChrysler in Detroit USA, and Stuttgart Germany.