What Causes Tire Blowout?

Tire blowout is caused by too much warping/flexing in the side walls that occurs when tires are overloaded or under-inflated. At high speeds this flexing will generate enough heat to soften the rubber and this eventually leads to a blowout. To prevent blowouts, make...

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Review: Truck Trend Nation

HaulGauge is a plug-and-play gauge that displays the gross combined weight of a vehicle. The company specifically engineered each system for a specific vehicle powertrain combination. HaulGauge requires no extra wiring or tools to install. Just plug in, and within...

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Review: Camping Vacation Nation

Haul Gauge was among several new RV innovations at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2016 conference at The Las Vegas Convention Center. The questions and wondering of how much weight I am towing is now answered with the Haul Gauge. It simply...

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