Haul Gauge was among several new RV innovations at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2016 conference at The Las Vegas Convention Center. The questions and wondering of how much weight I am towing is now answered with the Haul Gauge.

It simply plugs into your diagnostic port under the dash, mount the gauge, and within seconds of driving away, your weight is displayed with the total of your Gross Combined Weight, including tow vehicle, payload in the tow vehicle, the passengers, and the trailer your towing.

Currently, Haul Gauge is being produced for the more popular late model full size pickup trucks with an automatic transmission, and a model for the older vehicles will soon follow. Inventors Melanie McEntire and Michael Hall hope that soon the haul gauge will be as common on your vehicles dash as the gas gauge!

The new Haul Gauge will take away the wondering question of “how much weight am I towing?” So no matter if you’re an RV’er, or just towing a boat, The Camping Vacation Nation likes the new Haul Gauge, and we believe you will too!