In all troubleshooting, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at (801) 692-7224 or 

It is often useful for us to get some data from you about your phone and your vehicle. You can send us this by going in the HaulGauge app to Settings (gear symbol in the top right corner) -> Help -> 

Bluetooth Pairing

Unlike other Bluetooth devices, the HaulGauge should not be paired with the phone (in the phone’s settings). If paired through settings, the phone will reject the HaulGauge and cause issues with connecting in the app. To fix this issue, turn off your phone’s Bluetooth for 5 seconds and then turn it back on. Only use the HaulGauge app to connect.

The setup steps are:

  • Download the free HaulGauge app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Connect the HaulGauge to the diagnostic (OBD) port underneath the steering wheel.
  • Check that Bluetooth is enabled on phone and there is a strong signal (either phone coverage or Wi-Fi).
  • Follow the instructions in the HaulGauge app.

Can’t find your HaulGauge while searching during the setup process? 

Turn the Bluetooth off on your phone for 5 seconds and then turn it back on. The app should be able to find the HaulGauge now. If not, unplug your HaulGauge then plug it back in again. Search for your HaulGauge in the app and it should be found. 

HaulGauge Not Found” alert showing 

You must be near the vehicle. Turn the phone’s Bluetooth off for 5 seconds and then turn it back on. 

My VIN is not showing up when the app finds my HaulGauge 

In some vehicles, the engine needs to be started for the HaulGauge to receive the VIN. It can also take up to 60 seconds for the VIN to show up in the HaulGauge app.

On vehicles 2008 and older, the vehicle often does not send the VIN through OBD (it always has to be either scanned or entered manually).

In terms of functionality, it doesn’t matter if the VIN comes from the vehicle, manual entry, or scanning with the phone’s camera.

I performed a calibration for the Weigh feature and the weight is off 

Please send us data about your phone and your vehicle by going in the HaulGauge app to Settings (gear symbol in the top right corner) or contact us at

Did you experience any tire spin during “max pedal” accelerations?

I know the exact weight of my vehicle – when I calibrate, do I enter the numbers from the manufacturer’s stickers? 

We have calibrations for most popular trucks in our database, so for most users this should just be a good check that your HaulGauge is working properly.

If you do have to do a calibration and you have the weight of your vehicle from a certified scale (e.g. a CAT scale ticket), you will enter the following:

  • Screen 1) GVWR -> enter the total weight (weight from scale, add driver if driver wasn’t in vehicle)
  • Screen 2) Tire and Loading Information Label – Max Cargo Weight -> enter 
  • Screen 3) Extra Weight -> enter 0

Then follow the steps as the app guides you through the calibration.

When I measure Tongue Weight, Payload, Pin Weight, etc. the weight is off 

  • Does the vehicle have a stock suspension? If not, you will have to calibrate (see below)
  • Did you let vehicle settle first, before loading anything?
  • Was the engine off?
  • Were you parked on level ground?
  • If you are using the Payload function, make sure the weight is over the rear axle
    • If you try to test the Payload feature by standing at the back of the truck bed or sitting on the tailgate, this will show result in HaulGauge displaying a higher, incorrect, weight

If this fails, please calibrate (Settings -> Calibration -> Suspension Weighing),
then contact HaulGauge directly with your VIN to check the calibration.

When I try to calibrate for Tongue Weight, Payload, Pin Weight, etc. I get an alert saying “Error, please try again” 

The alert “Error, please try again” is shown when the calibration finished but didn’t work properly.

  • Did you let vehicle settle first, before pressing ‘Next’?
  • Did you wait for the second screen before sitting on the tailgate or back of vehicle?
  • Was the engine off?
  • Were you parked on level ground?
  • Can you add more weight (like another person)?
    • This calibration often performs better and has fewer problems when a larger calibration weight is used
  • Are you connected to any other Bluetooth devices? In rare cases this can cause interference
  • Try again with the driver’s door open to ensure the HaulGauge unit can send a strong signal to the phone

The alert “Please try again with more weight (like another person)” is shown when the vehicle does not pitch (or kneel) enough due to the calibration weight that is used. This error is often experienced when calibrating larger trucks, especially with Dual Rear Wheels (aka Duallys).

When I measure the weight of my truck, the weight is off 

The accuracy of HaulGauge is in the range of other automotive gauges, +\- 5%. For a 5,000 lb pickup truck, this is +\- 250 lb. For a larger truck, this could be +\- 400-500 lb.

If your vehicle is 2008 or older, HaulGauge can often have less accurate results and/or show more variation when using the Weigh function.

Our calibrations are all done on stock vehicles. We would suggest doing your own calibrations if you have modified your truck’s torque converter or tire size. To calibrate, go to Settings (gear symbol in the top right corner) -> Calibration -> Vehicle Weighing. The app will guide you through a 5-10 minute drive to create a calibration.


  • Weight readings are most accurate on a straight, level road where the vehicle has good traction.
  • Weight readings will be incorrect if the measurement is done while the vehicle is in “4low”.
  • For best results, use a mid-pedal acceleration.
  • If the vehicle is cold, and hasn’t been driven, the first and second measurements are often affected. For best results, drive the vehicle for 2 minutes before measuring with the Weigh feature.

One other thing to try: It is possible that the “Set Level” step of the initial HaulGauge set-up was incorrect. To set level again, go to Settings (gear symbol in upper right) -> Calibration -> Set Level. Then place the vehicle on level ground, shift into neutral and ensure the vehicle does not roll. Put it in Park and turn engine off before pressing the button.

If you are still experiencing problems, or if you have questions or issues at any point, please send us data about your phone and your vehicle by going in the HaulGauge app to Settings (gear symbol in the top right corner) -> Help -> Then contact us at (801) 692-7224 or

When I hook up my trailer, the weight in HaulGauge seems low 

This is caused by the accelerometers onboard HaulGauge being tilted backwards because the tongue weight of the trailer is causing the vehicle to pitch.
After hooking up the trailer, do any of your normal steps to level out the vehicle (e.g. WD hitch, airbags).

If you don’t have any of those options, do the following:

  • Hook up the trailer
  • Go to Settings -> Calibration -> Reset Level
  • Use the Weigh feature to get the combined weight of vehicle + trailer
  • *After unhooking the trailer, make sure to go back to Set Level again*
    • Otherwise the weight of the vehicle alone will be incorrect