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When bumper towing a trailer, having the correct tongue weight is paramount for highway speed stability. Haul Gauge is less expensive and more effective than most other tongue weight scales. It is also much more convenient to use. The tongue weight feature allows you to verify that your trailer tongue weight is within the 10-15% range that most trailers require to remain stable, and that it is within the vehicle's and the hitch’s rated towing capacities.

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Just as Haul Gauge functions as a tongue weight scale for bumper tow trailers, it also works as a pin weight scale for gooseneck and fifth wheel trailers. Its Pin Weight feature allows you to ensure that the vertical load is within the hitch and vehicle’s rated capacities.

You can also compare the pin weight with the total trailer weight to ensure the trailer is properly loaded (pin weight should be 20-25% of gross trailer weight).

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As you're loading up the vehicle with cargo, equipment, or materials, you can avoid exceeding the payload limits.

The Haul Gauge is much easier to use and more convenient than other vehicle scales. It is helpful for estimating your load and keeping you within the appropriate limits of your vehicle.

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The Weigh feature measures gross combined weight (GCW). This includes the vehicle, cargo, passengers and trailer. The Haul Gauge vehicle and trailer weight scale displays the weight within seconds of driving.

Weighing your towing setup provides peace of mind by removing the guesswork. Based on manufacturer’s vehicle towing recommendations, you can easily decide if your vehicle is overloaded. Using the trailer weight calculator, you can know the total weight of the trailer and decide if it is safe to tow.

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Setting up your weight distribution hitch has never been easier. Put away the tape measure, pen, paper and stress – Haul Gauge displays the relative weight on your front, rear and trailer axles to ensure that your weight distribution hitch is set up and adjusted correctly. It is compatible with all weight distribution systems.

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Haul Gauge on Motorhead Garage

  • Wow this thing actually works!

    So far I've tested it with the Vehicle weight and a Toy Hauler Trailer combo. I also tested the hitch weight feature. I'm really surprised that worked out of the box with no user calibration.

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  • This is a great unit, and a handy tool to have in you truck when loading or towing.

    Using the app, you center your ball under the tongue and let the app "zero" your truck, with the engine off. After it is zeroed, then start lowering the tongue. Once it makes contact, you can actually watch the scale on the app start to increase until all the weight is on the ball.

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  • Amazingly accurate and easy

    I was a little skeptical of using a small "plastic" device that connects to my OBD port and uses an iPhone App to weigh my truck and trailer and set my weight distribution hitch, boy was I wrong...

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  • Happy camper

    I like this product because I don't have to tediously go to a commercial weigh station. It also allows me to distribute weight in my toy hauler (TH) in real time so I properly load my camp items. My experiences convince me that this product is accurate enough however, within 1 or 2 hundred pounds. Good enough for my camping and hauling needs.

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  • Functionality on manual transmission vehicles is limited to the payload, tongue weight, pin weight, and weight distribution.
  • The product may require manual calibration for the newest vehicle models. Vehicles with auto-leveling suspension will have limited functionality.
  • Not intended for weight certification.
  • Users must follow all manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. This includes but is not limited to the vehicle, the trailer, the trailer brake controller, and any and all trailering accessories, (I.E. hitches, weight-distributing hitches, etc.)   Haul Gauge is an aid to assist the user in evaluating the tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution hitch setup, trailer brake gain setup, payload, and gross weight of a vehicle and or a vehicle, including an attached trailer. It is not intended to replace any manufacturer's instructions for these procedures and should not be relied upon to keep within the limits of your vehicle's manufacture specifications..