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Haul Gauge

Haul Gauge

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Shipping Update: Haul Gauge is shipping on demand. The App is live and ready for download for IOS. We estimate that the Android App will be live by 3/15/2023.

Haul Gauge electronic vehicle scale that installs in seconds and wirelessly connects to your smartphone to display real-time tongue weight/pin weight, vehicle and trailer weights, including gross weight, cargo, payload, and weight distribution. This compact, Bluetooth-enabled device plugs into your vehicle's diagnostic port (OBD-II) under the steering wheel, requiring absolutely no wiring, splicing, or installation modifications. Just plug it in, wirelessly connect to your phone and start getting active readouts of your towing and hauling weights. It's perfect for towing a bumper pull trailer, 5th wheel trailer, gooseneck trailer, or accurately measuring the weight of your cargo. Haul Gauge also makes brake controller and weight distribution hitch setup a breeze. Unlike other tongue-weight scale products, Haul Gauge is smartphone-ready. The app is available for download on Apple or Android devices.


Tongue Weigh/Pin Weight:  universally compatible with vehicles with an OBD-II port.

Weight Distribution: universally compatible with vehicles with an OBD-II port.

Cargo/Payload: universally compatible with vehicles with an OBD-II port. Top heavy loads will significantly diminish the accuracy of this feature.

Gross Weight: compatible with 2008 or newer vehicles. Works best with Ford, GM, and Dodge/Ram vehicles. Gross Weight or "Weigh"  is not compatible with Toyota Vehicles.




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We have a cab-over camper, Lance, and tow a large enclosed with our toys and we were concerned we were putting too much stress on the hitch extension, truck, or both. This tool out our minds at ease and helped us figure out tongue weight, overall weight, and bed weight. The only complaint I have is the camper exceeds the max scale for payload and so a reading for payload with the camper doesn't help us out, though it would if the camper was less than 3500 lbs. We will be buying one of these for each family member who tows trailers, its so dang handy..